About Us

"A #Douxlicious beginning"

It was our grandmother's cookies that inspired us to create Doux. Imagine a smell that wafts through the air, bringing a sweet yet savory fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness.

Yes, that's what we were craving for: a simple homemade cookie, yet something is missing. Sorry grandma! So we ran home (more like drive because let's face it, it's Jakarta with its hot and humid weather) to bake some cookies. Perhaps it was the texture, too crispy and hard after a few days. Perhaps it was the egg, creating a funny smell after a few days.

So we tried an egg-free and soft yet chewy texture cookie recipe.

Thus the Doux Cookie original cookie recipe was born, an egg-free cookie dough, whom if eaten raw, taste just as good (if not better) as when it is baked in the oven. And the smell, ooh the smell, it's a one of a kind smell. Then we started to share it to our closest friends, because good things are worth sharing for, and everyone was craving for more!

On August 2017, the Doux family finally has the opportunity to share more #Douxlicious moments with everyone.

We hope that you enjoy these cookies as much as we did creating them!

Best regards, Doux Team

Baking in the DoUX kitchen
DoUX Mascot, Chewie the Bear!

Baking in the DoUX kitchen


At Doux, we are a strong believer of "you are what you eat" therefore we are very mindful of the nutrition and ingredients in our products. You can be rest assured that each and every piece, crumb, and spoon of cookie dough goes through a process of quality control by our cookie experts.

We are egg free!Only 220 calories per 50gMade with coconut sugarWe don't use any preservativesOur kitchen is powered by solar energyStree free!

Here are a few notes to be aware of for those who are sensitive towards several products:


  • Peanut Butter (Vegan Cookie) and Nutella (Chewy Cookie) contains nuts
  • All products are egg-free for those who are allergic to eggs

Vegetarian Options

  • All cookies are vegetarian friendly excluding marshmallow filled flavors

Vegan Safe

  • The only vegan options in our products are our Vegan Cookie range which comprise of: Strawberry Jam, Oats & Berry, and Peanut Butter