Frequently Asked Questions

Are Doux Cookies products halal?

Yes!! Although we are not certified halal, all our ingredients are 100% halal!

Can we custom our cookies?

Yes! We can do custom cookies, but they must be ordered in bulk; usually for large events. We work closely with our clients to make sure they get what they want in their custom cookie.

Can we give doux cookies as a gift?

Of course, DoUX Cookies make the perfect gift for anyone who loves baked goods. If you'd like something special, let us know and we'll do what we can do make your gift extraordinary!

Are your cookies available for private events?

We love to be part of your sweet memories! Just tell us the detail of your event and we will make it happen!

Are Doux Cookies are safe for vegans?

Our main menu is not Vegan friendly, however we do offer a line of vegan cookies! find out more on our Menu Page!

Does Doux cookies have an offline store?

Yes!! Our store is located in Pasar Santa Modern Market, 2nd Floor. Cikajang.

Where can we get Doux Cookies?

You can get our beloved cookies through various platform. You can visit our offline store or you can get them from Go-Food and tokopedia. Find out more on our Available On page.

Is it possible to order the cookies and get them shipped outside Jakarta?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside of Jakarta. We cannot guarantee the safety of our cookies and definitely don't want to see your disappointed face when you receive broken cookies.

Then how can we, cookie lovers outside jakarta can enjoy Doux cookies?

Fear not! We are always open for pre-order and do events from time to time, so tune-in in our instagram account to check where are we going next!

Are Doux Cookies open for franchises?

For now, we are not open for franchising, but we are always open for a business partnership! Contact us at or DM us on instagram!

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